A Day at Baruch College

So basically, this is my last semester at Baruch College and if everything goes fine I am graduating after Spring 2015. We already got to know that our commencement exercise would take place on June 3rd, 2015 at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. I am very excited and really looking forward to that day.

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. At 9:30am, I had the BPL-5100 class with Prof. Elena Vidal. Amazing teacher, very helpful, fun and caring. She’s always their to help us. Especially as we always get something to ask for with the GLO-BUS, she would always spent some extra time with us, to answer our question.

I am taking HIS-4900 capstone class with Prof. Elizabeth Heath. Yet another great Professor at Baruch. I like the way she discusses our reading materials in class and asks for opinion, comments on the subject matter. She would often point out and write down the key issues on board that comes out from our discussion. This is a great way to find out the summary and easiest way to understand any topics. Simply creative.

In class, we are focusing on “Nuclear Families and Cold War Children in Postwar U.S.”. We already finished reading “A Consumers’ Republic: The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar America” by Lizabeth Cohen and currently reading “Designing the Creative Child: Playthings and Places in Midcentury America” by Amy F. Ogata.

Part of our study was to go to the Union Square Playground yesterday and then observe the way that children were actually using the equipment to play and explore. How these equipment are helping them to develop their childhood experiences and stuff then relate it with our reading materials. Sounds fun? Well, I gotta be honest, it was kind of creepy idea. I mean think about it, when 15/20 students goes to a kids playground and all of a sudden starts taking pictures and keep looking at them for sometime. We had our fair share of jokes and fun on this but things were pretty smooth.

Some of us headed for home since they didn’t had any other class. I had to go back to school for next class at 4:10pm. So, I myself, good friend of mine Michael and Jayson decided to go to the nearest Indian Restaurant, Curry In a Hurry and grab something to eat. I used to go to this restaurant before, so I pretty much knew the menus. We quickly ordered few “Samosa” and then we had “Sweet Lassi”. Samosa came with Mint Sauce and Chutney, it was great. Just in case if you are not familiar with “Samosa” here is a picture of it. Sorry! I really forgot to take pictures at the restaurant.

Samosa with ChutneySamosa with Chutney.

Now, before I finish I would like you to know one interesting fact about “Samosa”, Samosa is widely known as “Singara” in Bangladesh or even in Kolkata for that matter but they are the same thing.

Now, I literally had to run afterwards as I was getting late for my next class. But I gotta admit, it was a good day at School and had lots of fun.

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