A Day for Bernie Sanders

Normally, I don't pay serious attention to Politics. I think I have my own reasons and they are fairly established inside me. Generally speaking, I neither do believe nor do have faith on a very specific group of people from our society and they are the "politicians". To me, in most cases they all are the same. It's just they brand themselves as Democrat or as Republican just to fool us around. Perhaps that's why I registered as an Independent voter. However, over the past couple of months I was following up with Democratic primaries. Interesting enough, front-runners (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump) from both the parties have strong connection with New York. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump both were born in New York. On the other hand Hillary Clinton served as the Senator of New York for two term. Not to mention, New York is particularly very important because of the number of delegates for both the parties. I really don't want to get into any in-depth discussion over here but personally I think Sanders is a better choice for Democrats. Even though Hillary is still way ahead of Sanders in terms of delegate counts, I think Sanders still has a chance to get there. This evening I got to know that Senator Sanders won in Wyoming Democratic Caucuses. It almost looks like Sanders is on Winning rampage as he won last eight out of nine Democratic caucuses. This evening Sanders showed up at the Long Island City Rally and I really didn't want to miss this opportunity to listen to him. Well, I knew more or less what exactly he would be talking about. I just simply couldn't resist myself to see and listen to him in person. I got up early in the morning, took shower, had my breakfast and pretty much ran to join the rally. The rally took place at the LaGuardia Community College auditorium which is 10/15 minutes subway ride from my neighborhood. As soon as I got off from the train, the rain got started. When I reached at the destination, I was surprised by the sheer number of people who were waiting on line to get in. Not so surprisingly, a big number of the audiences were comparatively young individuals. When the country's younger generations are giving up on our political system, it was really good to see that some are turning back to join what they call it as a "Political Revolution". I spoke with few of them to understand their take on Sanders and I could clearly see why they were there. For the same very reason why I was there. We all spent our entire day talking, discussing, waiting and listening to Sanders. In case if you are in NYC but missed this rally, here is the full speech of Sanders. As I got home, I realized I lost my voice as we all were shouting "Bernie, Bernie" every now and then during his speech. Well, I don't regret it a bit. All that being said, what we all need to do now is to go out and vote on April 19th. If you think Sanders and his political agendas makes sense to you or you agree with his views, vote for him. Knock the door of your neighbors, make a call to your friends (I did). Use social media to reach out to your friends, classmates, colleagues or even random individual. Remember, revolution always starts with "you". Let's do it together.


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