A Day Without Coffee?

Never thought about it actually. I am a huge fan of coffee. My day starts with a big mug of coffee after my breakfast and this is a must. A medium size coffee after my lunch is also quite normal for me. Then again there are times when I would go out middle of the night to grab a large coffee from my nearest coffee shop. Well, that happens mostly on weekends.

Computing with Coffee Coffee Remains an Integral Part of my Day to Day Computing.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I got a "Dunkin' Donuts" store nearby my house & they are open 24/7. So, basically I can wake up from sleep at 3a.m. in the morning and walk to that store, if I feel like. Most of my close friends knows my passion for coffee and every now and then they would bring a coffee for me at school or even at work. I just wanted to say, "Thank you" guys. One such individual who would always ask me for coffee at school is "Lucy".

I met Lucy back in 2010 and ever since we remained pretty good friend of each other. We took quite a few classes together at BMCC and at Baruch College. Almost every time we met (accidentally or scheduled), Lucy would never forget to ask me if want to have coffee or not. Thank you dear. She's such a cutie.

This morning I woke up with a little surprise. My neighbor, who is an International student from Bangladesh showed up this morning with a little gift for me. He brought me a nice "Dunkin' Donut" Tumbler. Such a nice gift! & I loved it at first sight. Thank you brother.

I am pretty sure that I am not the only person in the world who likes coffee. So, for me, a day without Coffee? hard to imagine. Now, if you are one of those coffeeholic person, let me know what do you think of a day without Coffee?!


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