A Good Saturday & Lots of Eating

Generally speaking, my Saturday's are pretty boring. After a week long physical and psychological torture on myself, I think weekends are the only time when I get little break from everything (not literally though). I don't feel like going out for anything, cooking, cleaning or even simple drop-off at the nearest laundromat seems too much for me. I think an extra pair of hands could have been really useful.

However, good thing was Michael showed up this morning. Yesterday, when I was on my way to office I was texting Michael back and forth to know if he would be able to show up or not. The weather was good and Michael did show up, so thank you brother. Not sure if I had mentioned it earlier on any of my post or not, I met Michael last year when I was at the school. Very knowledgeable and intellectually sound individual. Someone with whom I can discuss about almost anything. Be it a political, social, cultural or even sensitive religious issues, Michael is a very good listener and discusses issues sensibly.

This morning, we had our coffee from the local Dunkin Donuts nearby my house and then we headed for lunch at the Dhaka Garden in Jackson Heights neighborhood. We ate at the restaurant before and seems like Michael liked some of the items from there. I think he grew a taste for "Vegetable Singara" which is one of my favorite item as well. If you want to know more about Singara or to learn how to make them, visit Rownak Jahan's post on this. I think she did pretty good job with her post and the video.

Vegetable Singara with Green Sauce
Vegetable Singara: Deep fried patties stuffed with potatoes, vegetable and spices.

Not sure if Michael can remember or not, we used to go to a Bengali / Indian restaurant nearby the 23rd and Lexington in Manhattan and we used to grab Singara from there every now and then. Samosa is yet another item that Micheal tried it already. This time around Michael tried the Mughlai Paratha and Chicken Patty.

Boy oh boy, I ate so much that I could barely walk after our heavy lunch. Somehow we managed to come back to my neighborhood and tried Vanilla Ice-cream. Well, I think I shouldn't have had the Ice-Cream thing. I started feeling soar-throat within few hours and seems like it's going to get worse. Don't worry I will get over with this soon enough. In any case a big thanks goes to Michael for such a treat and definitely for showing up today.

That's all for today folks, stay blessed and have a nice weekend everyone.


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