A Great Get Together

Friday happens to be one of those days of the week when I feel much more relaxed. I am pretty sure it's not only me rather majority of the people feels that way. After a hectic week, when weekend knocks at the door, it is obvious that we feel like to get the most out of it. Generally speaking, on a regular Friday night I tend to get back home early and grab some food on my way to home for the weekends. It's one of many ways to go easy on myself over the weekends. Happy Birthday GraphicHappy Birthday Graphic. Last night was bit different though, me and Michael both were invited at Lucy's birthday party. We grabbed some gift for her and straight headed for the Saigon Market. It's a Vietnamese Restaurant very close to my office. It seemed like we reached there before anyone else. As we grabbed our seat, people started showing up and soon enough there were over 20+ individuals. Not so surprisingly, I met with number of my former classmates from Baruch College. It's been while since I last saw them. Turns out Michael also got to meet with few individuals who attended Lucy's birthday party last year and few from the school. Lucys Birthday PartyHere is a snap shot from last night. Courtesy: Lucy. As we all moved on to different direction after our graduation, most of us couldn't stay in touch for so many reasons. Somehow Lucy's birthday brought us all together once again. It was really a great night for all of us. A big thanks goes to Lucy who gave us a reason to meet with with everyone. Last but not least.. Happy Birthday to Lucy. We all love you and wish you the very best with everything.


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