A Lazy Weekend

Good friend of mine, Michael would tell me every now and then not to work "too hard". Perhaps it's because I tend to update him on what I do over weekends. Perhaps he thinks I should go little easy on myself, at least on weekends. He's not only a good friend of mine but he's also a good person in heart. While I do understand his concerns about me, not so surprisingly I also think the same about him. To be quite honest with you all, I wrote number of blog posts on this site during weekends. It's because that's the only time when I do not feel overwhelmed with my to-do list. There is always something on my list and it's been like this since 2006. That's the year when my life literally changed up side down. Saturday I woke up bit late and spent most of the day time at the nearest Dunkin Donuts. Sipping two large iced-coffee wasn't good enough to quench my thirst. I sat there with my laptop for couple of hours and worked on my project while sipping-away my coffee. Generally speaking, I am not a big fan cooking. I do when I can't but. Then again weekend is the only time when I can cook something but this weekend wasn't like that at all. It was hot, humid and on top I was not in the mood for cooking at all. I actually abandoned the idea of cooking on Friday night. It's Sunday and I already started to get the vibe of Monday as it knocks the door. Same old schedule of going back to the office in the morning and come back home at night. Its not that I don't like working, it's just it gets harder after two days of break. Then again, it was a much needed break. Enjoy your weekends.


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