A Month without Facebook

Over a month after leaving Facebook, I finally decided to share my experiences, understandings. But before anything else let me assure you, I did not and I still don't regret leaving Facebook. It was a calculated decision for me. In fact, I am really happy that finally I was able to overcome one of my addiction. Yes, I do miss some of my Facebook friends but somehow I managed to add some of them on other social networking sites like Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Those who I didn't, most probably I won't add them anyway. I won't say it was easy but it wasn't as hard as I expected. Rather as I predicted, most of them actually forgot me very quickly and majority of them didn't even bother to ask why I am not there anymore or something of that sort. I left Facebook not because I don't like people or don't like to have conversation. Rather it was my pure distaste for silly things that people does which I had to digest even though I didn't want to. One of my friend asked me why I didn't "Unsubscribe" them? It's simple, if I need to unsubscribe "my friends", then there is no need for me to be their Facebook buddy at the first place. Then again that's just me. I had number of friends who simply added me on Facebook but never cared to say "Hello" to me. They were mysterious and creepy at the same time. Months after month, years after year they were simply there for a weird reason, something I would never understand. But thankfully, its all over now. I personally do enjoy to get to know individuals and if everything goes well I try to have conversations with them. I think nearly every single individual posses something that we all can learn from. Now, as I left Facebook I have plenty of time in my hand now a days to work on something else. I am spending more time on learning number of Languages as well as accepting more contract based work. I also became pretty active on LinkedIn and Twitter. Specially LinkedIn seems pretty interesting to me. For a very long time, I was planning to sell WordPress theme, finally I started working on it and made a good progress over last couple of weeks. I am really looking forward for a productive year ahead.


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