A Package from India

Last month I was browsing through websites of few Indian music label company. I came across number of old albums that I really wanted to have. Most of the albums were available for digital download which I didn't purchase willingly as I wanted to have the CDs. On one of my post, I already discussed on this issue. If you have read that post, then you already know that Krishnan helped me with purchasing those albums.

Week or so back, Krishnan sent me a screenshot of the receipt that has the tracking number of the package that he already sent for me. This evening I received the package and yes it was intact. I was really really surprised. I get packages from US based sellers and in many instances I received broken CD case. Krishnan packed it so well that even after traveling from another continent, not even a single CD case were broken, Bravo! He so rightfully deserves more than a big thank you.

On this package, perhaps the most desired album was "Salaam" by late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I have lots of memories with this album. I first listened to this album back in 1998 which was released under HMV music label currently known as Saregama. As far as I know this album was originally released around 1995 by OSA label. Back then, audio cassettes were quite popular and CDs were not widely available. So, I listened to this album and I instantly fell in love even though my grasp over Hindi or Urdu language wasn't all that great. No regret though.

Ghazal was and will forever remain a genre of music that I can't go without. On one of my previous post, I listed some of the legend artists of this genre. I just received "Caravan-E-Ghazal" album by Talat Aziz. I am looking forward to review this album very soon.

Ustad Rashid Khan is one of my favorite Indian Classical Music artist. I purchased his "Naina Piya Se" album which was released back in 2003. I won't say it's a pure classical album of his Gharana but it would be more appropriate to call it a Fusion album. He received Padma Shri award by the Indian Government back in 2006 for very good reason and I won't be surprised if he receives the Bharat Ratna award at some point down the line.

Being a Bengali individual myself, I can't but admire Tagore Songs (Rabindra Sangeet). I grew up listening these musics on radio and on audio cassettes later on. Indrani Sen remained one of my most favorite artist of this genre. I received a compilation album of two CD pack which is great but I am sort of disappointed with the quality issue (both the recording quality and packaging).

Since my childhood I am listening to this poorly recorded great musics without any hope in sight that someday it will get better. I honestly hope music label companies would take initiatives to re-record some of the Tagore musics before it's too late. They should use the same old instruments to maintain the originality of this songs while recording the musics digitally. Otherwise, our future generation would never know what Tagore songs actually is.

I accidentally received another CD which I actually didn't order. Most probably the seller didn't had the album that I ordered so they simply shoved in another CD and forgot about it. They delivered the item after the return window is closed. So, I couldn't even request Krishnan to return the item either. Hey, it was India and shit like this happens there. They sent me an MP3 CD of Nazrul Geeti which is the kind of the genre I am ok with but why MP3?! Frustratingly these sellers doesn't even have the decency to send me an Audio CD instead. Never-mind.

Before I wrap up, I want thank Krishnan once again for taking his time to help me out on this. I am looking forward to review some of these albums pretty soon. That's pretty much all I have got for today. Stay tuned.


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