A Ruined Day on Weekend

Like many other family man, I can't do whatever I want and whenever I want over the weekend. I tend to plan ahead to take care some of the issues over the weekend which I could or should have done earlier. I wish life was all that easier. Then again who likes their weekend being ruined by any unexpected event? I believe no one, specially if you already planned out how the day would go couple of days before. This is what exactly happened to me yesterday.

You may have noticed my last post where I discussed my plan to learn mobile app development soon enough. The problem is, currently I am using a 256GB M.2 SSD drive as my boot drive on my computer. Almost half of the drive is full with all the applications that I am currently using. If I install Android Studio it will fill up more which is not so smart idea as at least 25 percent of your drive should be empty for optimal performance of your SSD drive.

So, I was in the market to buy a newer SSD drive which is at least 512GB in size and must be of PCIe 3.0 generation. It could be PCIe 4 but I wasn't pushing for more speed rather I needed more space. I chose to go ahead with a Samsung M.2 SSD. Interestingly, the price difference between a 512GB vs 1TB drive was only $6 and had double the TBW. So I picked up the 1TB model and placed the order which is more than enough for me at least for next 5 years, Samsung also provides 5 years warranty of their SSD Drive. I was suppose to get the drive on Saturday and I thought of installing everything on a freshly installed drive with Windows 11 installed. I knew it would take couple of hours for me to complete this task. I have to use my workstation PC on Monday, so I wanted to have Sunday in my hand just in case if something goes wrong on Saturday.

On Saturday, I got the notification from Amazon that my package has been delivered and they shared a photo of the package which seems to be in front of a door which definitely didn't look like any of our door in the building. So, I called Amazon right away and the representative was kind enough to listen to me and place a replacement order. I thanked the lady for taking my complain in consideration and for taking care of my issue. However, the much bigger issue here is that now I have to wait another week to get this task completed.

Perhaps the most frustrating part is, this is not the first time the Amazon delivery guy messed it up. In the past, it happened to me with couple of my orders. Delivering items in wrong address is not expected and it could have been prevented only if the delivery guy or lady takes his or her job more seriously than simply dropping the package willy-nilly. Also I don't know what's up with people wearing headphones and listening music all the time while doing their jobs. Unless you are a super human being, you can't focus two things at the same time. I understand it gets boring really fast when you are doing the same thing over and over every day, then again that's exactly what we all signed up for in any given job, isn't it?

I wonder how much money really goes down the drain like this every year for Amazon. Perhaps, this is just one reason why Amazon should seriously think about using robots instead of human being to deliver items to the customer. Just a thought from my end. I know some will get mad at me for this as many people will loose their job if this gets implemented but it will happen and should happen if a company wants to reduce it's losses like this. Amazon didn't and doesn't pay me to write stuff, I am just sharing my experiences and thoughts. Thanks.


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