A Sad Monday Morning

I woke up this morning just like any other day, planning to work on some of the things that I normally would do on any given working day. Fixing things on a web site, checking out site's performance, debug log to look for errors things of that sort.

As I was checking on things, my eyes went to a news site based out of Tennessee. My employer is also located in the same state. So, it's normal for me to check out some of the news site's article which features some of our staff. We tend to share some of these article's link from my employer's site.

I initially didn't pay attention to the site but as I navigated to the home page of the site, I could see the live updates of an active shooting incident which was taking place in Nashville. I couldn't believe my eyes. Soon enough it was the headline on all the major news portals like New York Times, Los Angeles Times, BBC, The Guardian, you name it. I slacked one of my colleague and seems like he wasn't aware of the incident either.

Worst part was the shooting took place at a school and by the time I am writing this post, at least six individuals were pronounced dead. My heart sank when I saw three of all the victims were children. Being a parent myself, I could only imagine what exactly those parents are going through.

Here we are once again, reading similar stories which we all have witnessed over and over again in this country. I am deeply saddened by this senseless heinous crime and angry at the same time for not being able to stop these acts of violence to our children as an American and collectively as a nation.

It was anything but an ordinary Monday morning for me just like many other fellow country men and women. We must stop these acts of terrorism and must unite as a nation to do something about it. My deepest and sincere condolences to those families who lost their loved ones on this fateful day. Peace.


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