A Trip to Bangladesh

Back in November when I started planning to visit Bangladesh, I wasn't quite sure whether I am really going to make it or not. It was most probably because this was not the first time I planned to visit BD. Every time there was something at the last minute that made me to scrap the idea. To be honest though I was bit cautious about the whole trip as the security situation was not all that satisfactory. Specially after the terrorist attack back in July 2016, I had to be extra cautious. Let alone the travel warning from the U.S. Department of State. Well, I made up my mind this time around and I decided to go no matter what. Almost a decade later when I finally landed at the Dhaka Airport in one early morning, I was damn tired and exhausted from almost 20+ hours of flight. After being greeted by my family members at the Airport though, I forgot everything. To see those happy & smiling faces after so many years brought great joy. So good to see them! Promotional Video on Bangladesh. Early morning of Dhaka has it's own beauty and I knew it since my childhood. I have witnessed that beauty once again when our taxi was speeding through the roads and highways. My family lives pretty close to the Airport and it didn't take even 20 minutes to arrive at our family's apartment. Meeting with my Dad & Mom was pretty emotional. Yeah Bengali parents are just like any other South Asian parents, you get the idea. I stayed there for a month and it seemed like days were simply passing by pretty fast. I tried to visit and meet with my extended family members as much as I could have but within a month time you can only do so much. Unfortunately some of my family members passed away within the past few years. My Grandma & Grandpa from both the Mom & Dad's side passed away. I grew up with their blessings & love but not being able to see them after so many years was perhaps the most saddest feeling I could have had. I hope wherever they are, they are in peace and looking at me with smiling face from up there. I love you guys & will miss you so much. Meeting with few of my childhood friends and seeing them happy with their lives was nothing but a great joy for me. I hope & pray that you guys keep smiling for the rest of your lives. My cousin brothers and sisters are all grown up now. Some of them are going to Universities & Colleges. Few of them are still at the school. All of your love and affection made my travel a well worth one. If everything goes fine, I hope I will see you guys once again... pretty soon. It was as amazing as much as it was shocking experience for me. Pretty much everything has changed over the last few years. Newly constructed apartment buildings to flyover bridges, from available fast internet connection to widespread usage of smartphones, Bangladesh had been through some great socio-economic changes over the years. I hope this flow of change would continue and Bangladesh would become a prosperous nation gradually. I started writing this post when I was in BD. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to finish it there as I was preparing to come back and there would always be something that would make me to leave my computer. Leaving Bangladesh was very hard for me, I can't deny that it was very emotional. Only within a month time, everything and everyone seemed very closed to my heart. But I had to leave assuring that I will be back soon. Wherever I am, Bangladesh & you all (family & friends) will be in my heart. Love you all & see you guys soon. Peace.


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