A Wild Roller Coaster and a Rider

For about a month I couldn't focus on things that I tend to do on regular basis. My daily schedule were pretty much messed up because of the things that was happening in my life. For the most of the part I was on auto gear and I barely had any control over anything. It almost seemed like things are out of my control yet I am the one who is eventually facing the consequences.

I had been though a number of wild roller coaster ride in my life. No, not the roller coaster ride that you pay for, that's not what I am talking about here. Over the last couple of days I had been through a lot and I started feeling like having just another such ride. I don't feel like this quite often but every now and then life takes me through all these journeys that I don't want to make and I try with my best to avoid such journey by any means possible. But as you all may have known by now, things just doesn't happen the way we all want to. Perhaps that's one of the biggest tragedy of everyone's life.

Every single individual follows certain kind of principles in life. Some may be aware of that fact and some may not, but no matter whatever the case is, it is quite obvious that we all tend to like and dislike certain things which dictates our taste, preferences and our way of thinking. Not to mention our family, their socioeconomic status, values passed on to the future generation and our social up bringing has lot to do with who we are as an individual. How exactly all these factors can affect our lives, our behavior and our actions are something I just witnessed on first hand.

In the school of life, we all learn things here and there on daily basis. We experience things in our lives and from the earned knowledge we try to make the best decisions for ourselves or make decisions that best serves our interest. Then again, our decisions and their consequential outcomes are also something that we do learn from. On the other hand there are also times when our experiences highly depends on our decisions. Overall, it's a complex experiencing, learning and perfecting process that we all must adopt with. Every single individual is responsible for his or her decisions and actions. So, would it be wrong to say that it really doesn't matter where exactly you are coming from or what exactly your background is, what matters is how much you can learn from life and perfect yourself to make the right decisions to make your life a successful one? At least I think that's the way to go. Yes, life is not fair.


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