A Year after Leaving Facebook Behind

Last year in July I wrote a post with overwhelming amount of distaste towards Facebook. I did quit Facebook and a year later when I am looking back, I still do not regret. Meanwhile I got a stable job, working full-time and planning to open up my own Business sometime in next year. During the weekdays and on weekends I have plenty of time to work on my project which I am very excited about. Frankly speaking, even though I did not find Facebook to be much of use for me on a personal level but I think its fair to admit that it is an useful tool in so many ways. From a Business or an Entrepreneur's point of view I think Facebook is important. Not only to communicate with your customer or fans but it has the capacity to turn your "potential" buyer to an actual one. Welcome to the new era of Business. While working for small Businesses, quite often I find it hard to explain the business owners how important it is to engage with your current and potential customers on social media sites. People not only get to know the Brand name but may potentially led them to buy your merchandise. Perhaps I had the toughest time with individuals (Business Owners) who are "old school" and tend to keep things the way it worked in the past. While I do not have any issue with their old methods but I think sometimes they are being "too naive" on social marketing issue. The world has changed since eCommerce and Social Media has been introduced to the masses and so does the way how customers thinks and buys stuff. I have seen how small businesses are evolving from a retail store in the corner of a city block to a full fledged eCommerce business. Keeping up with the ever changing consumer market, their taste and buying behavior, business owners can't but to focus on going online. It definitely requires an individual or number of people within the business to make e-Business related decision. Over the years I worked with number of small businesses and a big portion of my professional career up until now, required me making strategic marketing decisions. Social media marketing remained an integral part of my job and I personally do not believe you can think without Facebook.


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