African Americans in Post WWII Era

As the WWII hits shore of the United States, many American joined the war effort. Like many wars in the past, African American community also enlisted their names with equal patriotism & enthusiasm in their mind. But in post WWII America, they remained subject to segregation & discrimination despite their large contribution and sacrifice during the War.

For my History Capstone class, I chose to write a thesis paper on this issue and particularly focus on the G.I. Bill proposed by the President Roosevelt. I am still writing the paper and expecting to submit it to my Professor soon and later on publish it on this site. On the paper, I will be focusing on how the G.I. Bill promised to bring changes to the Black community in post WWII America through various means and what exactly happened in reality? How it created more segregation in Society and the right of African Americans were denied systematically in every step rather than helping them to integrate with the mainstream society.

African American Soldiers in EnglandA Group of African-American Soldiers in England during the Second World War. © Getty Images.

I personally felt it’s a very serious and timely issue to talk about given the recent events (Ferguson Unrest, Death of Eric Garner etc.) that took place in America. I personally spoke with my Professor Elizabeth Heath on the topic of my paper and she guided me throughout the semester to write this paper. No matter whatever the grade I get from her class, I would like to thank Professor Heath for her kind words and guidance all the way. To me, she’s not only a great Professor but one of the best History Professor I ever came across at Baruch College as of today.

Writing on sensitive & serious issues requires extra attention. This is something I never do while writing a blog post. I believe, Blog suppose to be the place where you breath without thinking back and forth. This is just one reason why I have article section on this site. Posts under “Articles” sections are more about facts supported by evidences and documents than personal opinion. I hope you got the idea.

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