After all Summer Classes aren’t that Bad

My experience with summer classes are mixed. There are times when I regretted taking summer classes as it messed up my daily work schedule. Then again there are times when I simply enjoyed taking summer classes. I tend not to take summer classes but as I am pretty close to my graduation, I thought I am just going to take two class to pick up the pace a bit. If I were to rate this summer, I would say I am pretty much happy with my summer classes even though like always it messed up my day to day schedule.

In one of my previous post, I already talked about that classes that I am taking on this summer. I took CIS-5800 (Information Technology Development and Project Management) with Professor Morris Schwartz and another one is The Making of Modern India with Professor Veena Oldenburg. My CIS (Computer Information System) class is the capstone course, so I took it on summer as I had to take it anyway. Prof. Schwartz seems to be pretty straight forward about this course and its materials. So, I am not expecting any hiccups on this class.

Prof. Veena is definitely going to be one of my favorite Professor at the Baruch College. Even though at the beginning of this class, I felt everything is in disarray and I am going to screw things up. Luckily everything went pretty well and we are already done with our mid-term. What’s left is our Final paper and a presentation. Let’s see how it goes.

I actually learned quite a lot from her class. In class, we discussed about British Colonialism in Indian sub-continent, Independence movement and Partition of India. We focused on Kashmir Conflict issue, Life of Mahatma Gandhi and the Islamic revival in British India. Well, few more to come though.

Back in 2010, I met with Nobel laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and got three of his book autographed by him. Frankly, I was really excited to see him and inspired by his works and the speech that he made. Simply mind boggling. Since then I became a huge fan of Prof. Yunus.

I am fascinated by the fact that Prof. Oldenburg also wrote number of books on Indian History and I am looking forward to read all of them at some point. I will try to get those books autographed by her if Possible. Let’s see.

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