All these Busy Days

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing great. So, lately I got really really busy with my work schedule and my finals. Well, I really didn't had final exams but I am writing tons of papers for three different classes. As I am writing this post, I still need to write at least ten pages for one of my class. This paper is due by December 23rd, so basically you can imagine the pressure. Everyday when I am at the office, I would be like, I am going to write a post tonight. But once I get home, I am too tired even to write papers for my class. You all know how does it feel after a long day at office. So, this semester I took South Asian Religion class with Professor Carla Bellamy. HIS 3860 which focuses on Vietnam War with Professor Martina Nguyen and HIS 3360 with Professor Paul Schweigert. Now, Professor Bellamy is a great professor who knows her material really well. She is very organized and followed the syllabus from day one. We studied pretty much all the major religions in South Asia like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam. The only topic that I had trouble understanding was Buddhism. With all due respect to my Professor I still think Buddhism was very confusing. I will write on this topic on my article section very soon. Beside that one, I think her class was simply amazing. Learned a lot and I got lot to write on some of the vital issues of different religions that I came across from this class. My interest on major warfare in History pushed me to take Vietnam War class. Prof Nguyen was great explaining every single little detail about this war. After taking this class I have found the answers for quite a few of my Why & How related questions. She often emphasized on understanding Vietnamese views on this war. We had Professor Glenn Petersen as a guest speaker in one of our class. I actually recorded his speech. We watched two Vietnamese movie highly focused on the War which I found to be really informative and helpful. Overall, it was a great class and I enjoyed every day of this class. I am really going to be honest, writing papers for this class was pain in the neck and didn't do as good as I expected. However, I am taking my own responsibility. Professor Paul Schweigert was simply amazing. He is a very easy going and willing to help type of professor. He's young and does understand how to deal with young people. Had few quizzes and we did great. End of the day, I would thank all of my Professors for their great support throughout the semester and for every single thing that I have learned from their classes. I wish them all the very best and Happy Holidays. I think, I really need to wrap up for today and focus on my writings. So, see you guys soon & have a great day.


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