All these Days: Laziness & Sickness

Since last Thursday, I am not feeling that well. I think I had been through a lot over the last couple of days. I got fever, cold, headache, sneezing you name it. My initial assumptions were, these some of those seasonal stuff. I didn't pay any serious attention to this and thought I should be ok if I take some pain killer. So I took Advil-gel whenever I felt bad. Things didn't slow down a bit for me though, it came back all the time. My instinct was saying, it's about time to visit my doctor.

So Monday, I schedule for an emergency appointment with my doctor. She wasn't quite impressed rather prescribed me some antibiotic after few little check ups. I am taking my medicine on time and luckily I am feeling much better now.

Before my Graduation, I was planning to write way lot more on this site. But lately I figured I couldn't write as much as I expected. After a long hectic day when I get home, I feel so tired that I really don't feel like writing anything. After my dinner, I am like half gone case. Tired, sleepy and exhausted. The summary is, I am being able to write. So, I am basically re-assessing everything and trying to come up with a schedule for myself so that I can manage some extra time to write more or at least to write on regular basis.

There are at least 20 different article is on "draft" mode as of today. I started all of them like way back but simply couldn't finish them for whatever the reason is. All of a sudden, I started feeling like things are not quite moving. Rather than pushing myself on things, I am kind of wasting my time and not being productive enough. Before anything else though, I think now I really should focus on my health first.


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