Amazing Morning with Ghazal Music

Today I woke up quite early. Perhaps this is not how I start my Saturday. As I was preparing my breakfast, I realized there is something missing. What I basically do while having my breakfast is either watch news or some sort of documentary films, it must be some kind of video. Music is something that I enjoy while I work on my own stuff. Those who are familiar with Ghazal music, knows pretty well that some of the tracks sounds so amazing early in the morning when everything is pretty quite and calm. But that may or may not be the case sometimes. Some of the tracks and their lyrics are powerful enough to make your mind restless. So basically it depends on the tracks your are listening just like any other music genre.

Coming form a South Asian family, I am pretty familiar with Ghazal music. Perhaps it was the Sufi mysticism that influenced Ghazal music more than anything else. If you are familiar with some of the great Ghazal singers, you must have heard of Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Talat Aziz, Abida Parveen, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Munni Begum, Jagjit Singh, Pankaj Udhas and some others. Even though the actual list of popular Ghazal singers would definitely get much longer, I just mentioned some of the name that I can think of right now. Not to mention, some of them are not with us anymore. Jagjit Singh passed away back in 2011 and this morning I was watching the following program which honors Jagjit Singh and his works. Numerous artists paid their respect to Mr. Jagjit on this program.
It was a memorable program to pay tribute to late Jagjit Singh. There are number of popular tracks sung by this legend and it’s quite impossible to list them within a limited scope. Mr. Singh is no more with us but his works and songs would definitely be there for many many generations to come. Long live Ghazal music. Enjoy the program that honors Mr. Singh and have a nice weekend.

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