Another Rainy Weekend

It's raining right now. Most probably the rain started on late Friday night and it's going on an on. It stopped for couple of hours on Saturday and then it started again. Pretty much the entire weekend I was at home. Working, eating and going back to sleep is pretty much all I did this weekend.

I am definitely not complaining, I enjoy rain. Generally speaking, it's just doesn't rain like this quite often in New York but I think it's necessary at certain extend. It cleans the air that we all breath, streets that we walk on. It wipes out all the pees that some people leaves behind here and there, poops of your pet that you forget to pick up, cough that you spit on the street. Remember?

No, I don't pee on the street, I don't have any pet and I don't spit my cough willy-nilly here and there. Yet, I love rain. I enjoy watching the clean leaves of the trees after the rain, empty streets, gushing water wiping out all of our waste and filth. I can't explain the amount of joy that brings in my heart.

I woke up pretty late and then went out to grab my coffee from the nearest Chinese bakery store. They make good coffee and I used to go there on regular basis in the past but I eventually stopped as I grew habit of making my own black coffee which I enjoy quite a bit. Today it was different, I didn't feel like making coffee.

I'm sipping my coffee and thinking about doing something else than rambling over here on my blog for reason. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm.


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