Apple: Keynote Event Summary

Apple's keynote event from yesterday brought lots of good news for Apple fans. Well over 24 hours has been passed and this is what we know so far.

Tim Cook at the Apple Event in Brooklyn 2018Apple's CEO Tim Cooks speaks at the Keynote Event in Brooklyn.

MacBook Air: Apple did not release any update of their MacBook Air product line since 2017. So, naturally it was the most anticipated and long waited news from yesterday's keynote event in Brooklyn. After lots of speculation and rumor on this product line all over the internet, it's finally here. Boy o boy, it's a huge improvement over it's predecessor and I personally can't wait to get my hands on this little monster. Perhaps the most important upgrade was it's display. For the very first time Apple introduced it's "retina display" for MacBook Air which was missing since it was first released back in 2008. Out of all the Mac laptop computers, only MacBook Air was the one that did not had this LED back-lit display with IPS technology. From 1440x900 pixels to 2560x1600 pixel (13.3" model) is not a massive jump but it was a consumer's demand that Apple finally paid attention to.

Integrated Touch ID sensor was a huge bonus for Air fans. As far as the memory is concern, now you can upgrade up to 16GB along with the 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. However, traditional USB fans would be missing their ports as it get replaced by the two USB-C port (Thunderbolt 3). All these comes in a 2.75 lb package which is actually weighs less than the previous model. Did I mention that this computer would be available in three different color (space gray, silver, gold)? As far as the price is concern, there won't be any $999 (USD) model of this laptop. Starting at $1199, MacBook Air for the very first time is crossing the $1000 price tag bracket. Depending on the model and configuration, this computer can cost well over $1400 (USD).

Mac Mini: Most probably it is the Mac Mini that suffered the most over the past couple of years. Apple did not release any upgraded model of this computer since 2014. Even though we do not see that much of hype around this product but it was a fresh of new air to get to know that Apple is finally going to release a newer model.

Powered by a single Intel 8th Gen Core i5 or i7 processor, this little computer packs a punch. With a support up to 64GB of DDR4 memory and 2TB of SSD, this little machine would be more than powerful for majority of the regular computer user. Like MacBook Air, this computer would also be equipped with the Apple's T2 security chip which will hep users not only to encrypt their data on the drive but also work with high resolution videos. This newer model includes four thunderbolt 3 ports, and HDMI 2.0, two USB-A ports, an audio jack and Gigabit Ethernet. The base model would cost you $799 (USD), however it turns out the 64GB memory with 2TB of SSD drive model would cost you close to whooping $3900 (USD) and unfortunately it's not cheap.

iPad Pro: Frankly speaking, I am not a huge fan of Apple's iPads. There are just too many variations of them and I really got no serious usage of such devices. Well, surely you can have interest and this is what's waiting for you.

Apple is releasing 11" and 12.9" iPad Pro with Liquid Retina Display that spans from edge to edge. They are defining this iPad Pro as "all screen design". Rightly so, unlike previous iPad Pros newer models does not have any traditional home button giving you the entire screen to play around with. Powered by an A12X Bionic Chip, these models would come with up to 1TB of storage.

Perhaps the most interesting part is the addition of second generation "Apple Pencil" which magnetically attaches to the device and charges wirelessly at the same time. At 5.9 mm of thickness, Apple is calling this design as the thinnest iPad ever. The face authentication method, popularly known as Face ID has also been integrated with this devices. Powered by iOS 12, this devices would be a huge step forward for people who works at the AR and Graphic industry. You would also have the option to use the Smart Keyboard Folio with these devices.

I am embedding the full video of the event, just in case if I have missed something.

Full video of Apple Keynote Event 2018.

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