iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case isn't all that Smart

Apple just launched their iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case today which will work for both the iPhone 6 and 6s phones. While extra battery juice option from Apple is definitely a plausible idea then again at a price tag of $99, it's not anywhere close to some of it's major competitors for many reasons. Fact of the matter is, buying this case is definitely not a smart choice for anyone.

Apple iPhone 6 Smart Battery
Apple iPhone 6's Smart Battery.

If I am not getting it wrong, long before Apple had ever thought of coming up with their own battery case for their iPhones, many other hardware manufacturer did this job and did it very well. Mophie, Incipio are some of the trusted brand that has already gained huge popularity among the iPhone users.

Popular tech news site, The Verge has already covered most of the points that I wanted to make here and I don't think I could have written any better than that. So, I would humbly request you to read their post on this and get back in here if that sounds a reasonable appeal to you. If you compare the Apple's so called "smart battery" with these small competitors, it would make Apple look like stupid from many point of view.

In most cases, external battery is required for heavy users and they need the battery juice not the fashionable item with higher price tag that can not offer the things that it promises. My point is simple, Apple please give me a reason to buy it. I am pretty sure that neither Apple is going to respond to my request nor people are going to refrain from buying it and frankly speaking, that's not the ultimate goal of this post either.

As an American, I want Apple to grow even bigger but not at a cost of it's customer's trust. I want Apple to offer the best bang of the bucks that it's customers are paying for. Don't offer low class product at a premium price. I already wrote a post on this issue.

I mentioned it over and over yet I am saying it once again. I personally consider myself to be a loyal Apple fan and I have my own reasons and logic's behind my understandings. But frankly speaking, from the very beginning Apple is pursuing a strategy that I don't think is ethically right. I personally criticized the Apple's cunning business strategy in terms of pricing their product on a personal scale. I am pretty straight forward about it and I think Apple should not be pursuing such strategy. It's a betrayal with it's own loyal customers. You can definitely cash some money out this (which Apple did already) but can't sustain for long.


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