Archiving My Music Collection

After lots of brain storming and spending countless nights I made my decision to archive my collection of music. Unfortunately it is not the cheapest solution but I definitely think it's the best option that I have for the time being. In one of my previous post I discussed on data archiving strategy within my limited capacity. My personal research concluded with Optical Disc to be the best archiving option as of today as far as permanent data is concern. I followed that route and burned around 25 GB worth of music on a single blu-ray disc.

I am still at the initial stage of archiving all of my music collection and I have lot more work to do. Though I have over 100 GB of Google Drive space, I decided not to mess around with that until Google Drive becomes much more cheaper. Even then I think I will stick to my disc based data archiving along with Google Drive. I have huge amount of love for physical disc over cloud based spaces. Then again that's just me.

Millenniata Blu-Ray M-DiscMillenniata Blu-Ray M-Disc.

Burning blu-ray disc was new for me. Starting form late 90s and early 2000, I used blank CD-R to archive my mp3 musics for the most part of my life. By the time DVD-R came along, hard drives became fairly cheap and I moved from optical disc to hard drive based archiving methods. Then something magical happened to me and I abandoned the idea of archiving mp3 music all together due to poor sound quality. Though flac file format seemed to be the best open source option I have, I ended up having massive space related issue as they are fairly big in file size.

SSD based archiving couldn't satisfy me either as they are also vulnerable after a certain point. I eventually landed on disc based solution but neither CD-R nor DVD-r could provide me enough space for huge collection of my music. My experience with burning my first blu-ray disc wasn't a pleasing one either. I used an unknown ISO image burner which failed to complete the burning process and I ended up having a useless BD-R disc on my hand. I can't afford loosing expensive blu-ray m-disc like this and I had to become more cautious.

Perhaps the most time consuming issue for me was tagging all of the music albums with correct metadata. In other words, data like album name, artists, released year, genre, cover image stuff like that. I used Exact Audio Copy software to rip musics from audio CDs and fre:ac for converting some wav files to flac and Mp3Tag software to add meta data on the music tracks. Finally Nero Burning Rom for burning my BD-R disc or Blu Ray discs. Except Nero all other softwares I used are Open source.

So far, everything worked out just fine and I am quite happy with the outcome. After burning my first blu-ray disc I verified the burned data and then copied everything from the disc to hard drive once again just to make sure all data were burned properly. It didn't fail me. I used Millenniata BD-R M-disc as my media and LG WH16NS40 as my burner, they are simply fantastic. I will keep you guys posted as I move along to wrap up my archiving.


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