Are We Really Learning?

There are quite a few things that I have learnt from my university life. Quite a few words that I had to re-define in my mind. Words like, passion, determination, hard work and stuff like that. These are some of the words that almost all of us are familiar with. I think if you are mature enough, then most probably you also went through "that" phase of life and got to know some of these words really well.

Over the last couple of years, I have seen, met and spoken with students who are taking classes that they really don’t enjoy. I have seen students who are failing in one class over and over again. I am pretty sure that those students never had the opportunity or time to ask themselves the most important question, "why?". Rather if you ask them why they are failing in certain classes, it's more likely they would come up with some reasons. Certain cases that could be defined as an excuse as well.

This is not to say that they don't have valid reasons. I understand that there are times when things doesn't work properly and there are times when someone can’t even figure out what went so wrong. Trust me, it happened to me as well. I believe, life brings all the ups and downs and takes us for a bumpy ride. Ride that we are afraid off. But isn't that it’s necessary?

So what exactly we are missing here? My answer would be lack of self-consciousness, passion, determination and effective actions.

Digital EducationComputer & Gadgets are becoming Essential part of Modern Education.

One important thing that we all tend to forget that learning is a continuous process that must go on and must not be limited by our school semesters or classrooms only. Fact of the matter is, we learn lot more from our outside world than our classroom settings. A Professor can show or guide us to follow a systematic process only, but rest remains on the student's body.

Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living. - John Dewey

I have seen individuals who are so stressed about their college life that they don’t feel like going to class to learn something. It’s more like they go because they have to. It becomes more of an obligation than passion for education. In most cases, it’s more likely getting a degree is more important to them than anything else that has to do something with education. Why is it like that?

Of course, there are scopes to raise a valid question that can our Professors really make class lectures interesting enough? Can they evoke our minds? Can they really raise curiosity among students? Or they are simply showing up in our classes just because they had to?! I am not asking on behalf of everyone but I think being a student myself, I also do represent a section of student body.

My real goal of writing this post is not to lecture or criticize anyone about anything, rather to encourage you to think about some of important social issues that many of our students and education systems are facing. Things that needs to be taken seriously not only for the students but for all of us and for a better tomorrow.

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