Bengali New Year Greetings

Today is 14th April 2015. Officially it is the first day of Bengali New Year (Bangla Nobo Borsho) 1422. Widely known as "Pohela Boishahkh" or the first day of Boishakh Month as per the Bengali Calendar. Bengali People from all over the World celebrates this day with great festivity. Generally they would take a day off from their every day schedule to meet with their friends and families and greet them saying "Shuvo Nobo Borsho" or simply Happy New Year.

Bangla New Year 1422Bengali New Year 1422.

It is a day celebrated by all Bengali people regardless of their religion and sect. In Bangladesh and two other states West Bengal & Tripura (on 15th April) in India observes this day as their Public holiday. Generally, people would wear new traditional dresses and participates in cultural programs that includes a massive rally also known as "Mongol Jatra" or Rally for Peace. In the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka holds one of the largest cultural program (Dance, Music etc.) of the year on this day. Wide range of foods from street vendors are also found nearly every corner of the street. Overall, it's a day of celebration and color.

It was initially introduced by Mughal Emperor Muhammad Akbar, a revised Bengali Calendar in order to make tax collection easier in Bengal. Later on it became an Integral part of Bengali culture and an icon of their identity. I wish all of my friends a very Happy Bengali New Year. May this new year brings peace and prosperity in all of our lives. Shuvo Noboborsho 1422.


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