Bill Burr: Not Just a Comedian

I really can’t remember when I first got to know about Bill Burr, a stand-up comedian originally from Massachusetts. I have watched almost all the videos of Bill from YouTube. Yes, he is mad funny just like any other stand-up comedian but I think he does lot more than comedy on stage.

Now, it’s quite true that Bill Burr is not just a comedian, i mean literally. Apart from being a comedian, Bill is also an actor, writer and host of his podcast which is known as Monday Morning Podcast. Perhaps the reason why I liked his genre of comedy over some others, is because he talks about stuff which many other comedian tends to avoid wisely. Yes, some of his contents are pretty controversial and some people might find them to be little offensive as well. But Bill has the thing inside him which makes me feel that he is talking from his heart and he really does mean what he’s saying. Then again that’s just me. I am just saying what I think Bill does on his shows and I could be wrong. Not that it’s bad rather I think that’s pretty smart.

Bill picks up his materials from his personal life and things that’s happening around us. Those are as real as reality can get. Issues that many of us would define as “taboo” or sometimes controversial enough that most of us would willingly put them on the shelves rather than talking about it. The openness and the his way of expressing his thoughts or point of views are simply funny and sometimes up right arrogant, I think that’s the beauty of his comedy.

Bill Burr American ComedianBill Burr. ©

If you watch some of the video clips of Bill from YouTube, you will get to know what exactly I am talking about. Case in point, his pick on “Gold Diggers” was mad funny yet a reasonable issue to talk about. See what he has to say on this.

Watch his pick on Mediocre People, Steve Jobs, Domestic Violence etc. and get to understand if that makes any sense to you. It did to me at certain extend though. Not that I think he was always right but his comments and questions are undeniable. Go ahead, judge me.

Now, I personally tried to get in touch with him about his materials via email but I am yet to get any response from him. Not sure, if I would ever get any response back from him or not but I tried to get to know the truth.

Let me know your thoughts on this from the comment section below. I would love to hear from you guys.

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