Bombarded with Spams

Ever since I launched this site, I always maintained an email form on my "Contact" page, so that anyone 19can reach out to me. Generally speaking, anyone with a valid query on anything related to me or this site are always welcome and I am more than happy to get back to you with a response within a humanly possible time-frame. While that may sound fair to almost any reasonable individual, it's not fair for me to get bombarded with spam and mails that I do not have any connection with whatsoever. Unfortunately though, that's exactly what is happening with me lately. I am getting overwhelming number of emails on daily basis and it's getting out of my controllable limit. It's pilling up on my mailbox and I am basically wasting countless hours cleaning them up everyday. Filtering Email SpamsFiltering Email Spams. © Yesware. I am pretty sure that some valid mails are there in the midst of these havoc but please understand that it's almost impossible for me to find a very specific email out of many spam mails. Out of desperation, I removed the contact form temporarily and a new form is currently being built. However, I am writing this post, to sincerely apologize anyone who may have emailed me already using the form within the past few months. It is highly likely that I have deleted your mail along with other junks. I promise to be more cautious from now on and will try with my best to make sure you can reach out to me with your queries. Please allow me few more days to get this thing fixed. I thank you once again for your patience and for taking your time to read this post. Good Night. Update: As of today (June 21, 2019), I have re-designed and re-coded the email form and it's totally functional. Thank you very much for your patience.


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