Bring Bernie Back

This morning while I was browsing through New York Times, I came across the opinion column written by Sen. Bernie Sanders. On his column, Sen. Sanders expressed his frustration and disappointment, at the same time he assured his support for president elect, if Donald Trump meets certain conditions. He outlined the future of Democratic party and its possible plan of action during Trump’s presidency.

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders.© Huffington Post.

As you can easily guess, Sen. Sanders came up with lots of number and stats on his column that reflects where we stand as a nation. Story of average hardworking American family, their anger, sufferings and hope for better future is not new to us. Yet the Democratic Party tied itself with the establishment over the very people that it was suppose to represent. His analysis on people’s rejection of Democratic party in this election is something I was trying to explain to my fellow friends. But some people are naive enough not to grasp the whole idea rather they would easily point their fingers at people accusing to be Trump supporters.

Just like Sen. Sanders, I am also frustrated by the outcome of the election result but this is what you get in a democratic system when party leaders do not listen to the people.

Democratic party failed to understand or perhaps to listen to the voice of millions who supported them for last eight years. Party affiliation with billionaires and serving corporate interest over people is nothing but stabbing at the back of the masses as the reward of their loyalty. But the party forgot, people has the ultimate sayings and they made their voice loud and clear.

My Thoughts
Since the election night, I had the opportunity to talk to some of my close friends and colleagues. Pretty much everyone echoed the same way and such frustration was expected. I understand their disappointment but it’s also important for us to remember that we are living within a Democratic System and whatever the verdict came out of this election, we should respect it. Yes, things didn’t go according to many of our exceptions and there are some very specific reasons behind that. We should analyze issues and discuss more in-depth to figure them out and hopefully we all will come to a common platform to stand against the racism and sexism.

On my previous post, I stated that I didn’t caste my vote out of frustration. I didn’t want to vote Trump, at the same time I did not think I will vote someone who works for establishment’s interest. Like many of you, I don’t think Trump represent me then again I don’t think Hillary does that either.

Since the withdrawal of the majority Republican Presidential candidates ahead of the general election, it was quite clear that the success of Democratic Party at the general election will depend on the Democratic nominee. We had choices but DNC favored Hillary to be their nominee. It was a fatal decision and I am pretty sure the DNC & Hillary supporters realizes that bitter truth now, but its too late. Since, it’s all over now, let’s listen to this gentleman all over again and see if he makes sense to you.

Bernie Sanders on the floor of the Senate, June 27, 2012.
What Bernie was saying back in 2012, said the same thing only couple of months earlier. Only if we all would have considered him little more seriously things could have been very different today. I say Bring Bernie Back.

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