Busy & Freezing Friday of the Year

Yesterday was freezing and hectic Friday of the year for me. Well, I think I should call it a busy day rather. I love working the kind of work I do. My boss Mr. Beni Isfahany is a cool, polite and a pure gentleman. He's not only a good boss but I think overall a very good man. Always laughing and knows how to handle tough situations. This is exactly the kind of qualities that one should have as an entrepreneur and as a business owner. I love him and more than that I truly respect him. Always been nice and kind to me. I can say without any hesitation that I learned a lot from you. So, thank you Mr. Beni. Our office manager is Mr. Edward, yet another Gentleman. Even though I don't work there full time anymore yet it is a pleasing experience working with Pasargad. So a big thank you to Pasargad family. I wish you guys all the best and every success. As my graduation day is closing fast, at some point I definitely have to quite from there to look for better opportunities. This is just a matter of time now. I would love to work for them but like any other small businesses they have their own limitations as well. I already started applying for Jobs through different sources. One important thing that I have missed is not visiting Baruch's "Starr Career Development Center". I think I really should visit their office ASAP. Well, I am planning to visit their office on Monday. May be they can help me with re-writing my resume and stuff. Let's see. So, last night I went to bed at around 9p.m. and it took me only few minutes to fall asleep. I woke up this morning and felt so fresh. Came to the the nearest Dunkin Donuts, grabbed a medium size coffee and a french roll with butter and jelly. Now here I am writing. Thursday, I finished making a video tutorial on WordPress which I already uploaded on YouTube, I will embed it with one of my WordPress article that I am about to publish. Making video is not as as problematic as its editing. Gosh! I just don't like that part. Got lot more to write on this site and I am really looking forward to a busy Saturday once again! Have a great day everyone.


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