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When the whole world is moving towards the digital music, I think I am one of those handful group of people who are still sticking with Audio CDs. For various reason I still love CD Musics and on one of my previous post I discussed about it.

For the past few years, eBay has always been my primary source of purchasing Audio CD musics. In most cases I tend to buy used CDs because of its lower pricing point. I must admit though, it’s kind of hard to find Indian music CDs from eBay even though they are slowly growing as many are trying to get rid of their collections. On the other hand, Amazon is a great source of a healthy number of Indian Music CDs.

As far as my experience is concern, I never had issues with buying CDs from Amazon except few instances when the CD came in broken jewel case or had some minor scratches. Luckily, buying used CDs from eBay had almost zero issues with me. In most cases, people would put the photo of an actual item over a generic album cover that you would see on Amazon. You get to see the condition of the CD from eBay before you purchase them. It’s a big plus for buyers.

Now, recently I placed an order for an Indian Classical (Fusion) album which was originally released back in 2002. Only very few seller are still selling this album as of today. So when I found this album on Amazon, I didn’t wait for a bit. The CD came on time with broken jewel case and slight scratch on the CD surface. Oh, did I mention that it has dust particles inside the case?! I paid almost $13 for a music album that I already have in my MP3 (320kbps) collection and now here I am bragging about my shopping experience in Amazon.

Generally speaking, I don’t and I won’t pay that much for any album yet I did for the sake of my love for this album. Since it was a rare and long loved album, I couldn’t afford to send it back. By the way, the seller later confirmed that it was a “non-returnable” item. Question is, why someone would buy an album that they love and would send it back afterwards? I think only music pirates would do that unless they want to exchange it for a better one. Exchanging was out of question for me as the album was shipped from India (seller is from US).

After listening to the album on my stereo, I realized the recording quality wasn’t that great either compare to the recently released albums. I mean, with due respect it was released back in 2002 and was manufactured in India. What else one can expect and what could go wrong? I left a review with two star and the seller got back to me exactly two week from the day it was delivered! The seller apologized for being late and promised to send me a new jewel case which I am yet to receive. On subsequent message, the seller requested if I could change my review and ratings which I promised to do once I receive the jewel case.

The whole point of this post is not to look down or bashing anyone. I am neither saying all the sellers are bad nor am I looking for any kind of compensation. Rather I wrote this post to remind online sellers about the idea of professionalism. Greater customer support will definitely bring repeated customers and that’s a fact. I can confidently say this from my experience as a seller. Be it on Amazon or anywhere else for that matter, poor customer support will eventually kick you out of the business. It’s just a matter of time.

Update (May 26, 2019): The seller reached out to me and offered to send me a jewel case for free. However, the seller was kind enough to send me two jewel case instead of one. Thus I am updating my post. I thank the seller for their attention and taking the initiatives to make it right. Thank you.

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