A Glorious Decade of Blogging

I said it in the past and I am saying it all over again, "I love Blogging". Even though I started Blogging out of fun but over the years it became my passion and quite frankly I started thinking of taking Blogging a bit more seriously and hopefully as a full time profession.

Last month, I celebrated 10 years of my Blogging career. I initially started writing in my native Bengali language and later on I started writing in English focusing on the global audience. After writing on numerous sites, in 2014 I decided to have my own Blog site and here I am.

Having someone's own Blog site comes with lots of responsibility and I am pretty sure all the website owner knows it pretty well. Lots of time goes behind the scene, from maintaining your site to updating design and functionality, you know the deal. Luckily things were much more easier for me. My professional experiences helped me big time to keep this site up and running. I was also fortunate enough to help out number of individuals to have their own Blog site over the years.

A decade is a pretty long time and unfortunately I couldn't write as much as I wanted to or should I say as regular as I wanted to become on Blogging. A sense of dissatisfaction is there and I think it would always be there. Perhaps the only way to get out of this misery is to write on regular basis and it would only be possible if I can take Blogging professionally. Yes, I am working on it.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who took their precious time to visit or to read something on this site. Keep your support coming and keep me on your prayer. If you are a blogger as well, feel free share your Blog site's link from the comment section below. No spamming links please, your comment would never see the daylight. Thank you and have a wonderful weekends everyone.


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