CERN is Going for Open Source Software

After 20 years of using Microsoft's software, CERN has taken initiatives to migrate to Open Source Software based solutions. This initiatives are being called as the Microsoft Alternatives project (MAlt) which was undertaken by the IT Department of CERN a year ago. On a recent blog post, the European Organization for Nuclear Research which is popularly known as CERN has confirmed the news.

CERN Hadron ColliderCERN Hadron Collider. © CERN.

Over the years CERN has enjoyed special pricing for Microsoft products as an "Academic Institution". However, Microsoft recently revoked CERN's status as the initial contract expired back in March 2019. As per the new contract the pricing for software has increased by tenfold which CERN believes is not a sustainable option for them.

While explaining the objectives of this project, CERN stated, "MAlt's objective was to investigate the migration from commercial software products to open-source solutions". CERN believes by doing so, the organization would be playing "pioneering role" among the public research institutions as most of them are pretty much facing the same issue.

As a part of this initiatives, CERN is changing it's pilot mail Service for the IT department and volunteers by this summer. At the same time, Skype for Business and analog phones will be migrated to soft-phone telephony pilot. Few other products and services are currently being worked on and the organization believes over the course of next few years, many alternatives will emerge.


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