Cleaning Up LinkedIn Network Connections

While I don't regret leaving Facebook all together, I still think it's important for me to remain active on certain social networking sites, specially on professional networks like LinkedIn. Well, as long as it is free and doesn't become a chaotic bazaar like Facebook, why not? If you are reading my posts on regular basis, you may have got the impression that I am not a huge fan of Social networking sites. At least that's the impression I have received from some of my friends. The fact of the matter is, it is exactly the opposite. I am big fan of Social Networking sites but I personally think there are certain rules, regulations & principals that needs to be maintained to keep the platform healthy and useful. We all should use it as a tool to communicate with fellow individuals not to abuse it! How exactly individuals or page owners can or are exploit the system is entirely a different issue and hopefully one day I would talk about it as well. If you carefully observe and analyze what's happening on certain socials sites (i.e. Facebook) what you will see is, a big chunk of it's users are not using it efficiently and at certain extend some are abusing it in many different ways. Even though LinkedIn does not suffer from such chronic disease, it's important to keep it healthy so that it does not get infected as Facebook did. Keep LinkedIn ProfessionalKeep LinkedIn Professional. Over the past couple of months as I became more active on LinkedIn, I have received number of add request on LinkedIn. Most of these individuals are unknown to me, I never met let alone working with them. I happily rejected their request and will do the same in future, this is as simple as it can get. But the question that popped up in my mind is that, why should they be sending me the add request at the first place without even knowing me? Surely, we can have common interest or may even belong to the same group that doesn't mean you should be sending request to individuals you don't even know. Yes, you can definitely get to know each other and can exchange some messages before you send the request, I think that's called "Professionalism 101". My best advice, keep Professional network as much professional as you can. Get rid of individuals you don't know. Let's keep it clean and healthy.


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