Cold & Wet Monday at School

I can't and I don't speak for all but if you were one those student who lives in the New York City and had to go to school this morning, most probably you would be the one who might understand me. Last night, I went to bed by 11:30 pm expecting that most probably we won't have any class in the morning. I couldn't sleep for some wired reason and I was checking EarthCam's live video feed from Times Square Cam every now and then just to get an idea of what's going on out there. Somehow, I fell asleep and woke up by 7:30 am in the morning. First thing that I did (as always) was to check the weather report from my Phone and then visit Baruch College website. Surprise! Surprise! On Baruch's website there was a message that says:
Baruch College is open today Monday, February 2. All classes and activities will proceed as scheduled
I took shower and got ready for School. Even at that point, I didn't know that there was a surprise waiting for me at the door. What I saw made me think for quick few second. Do I really need to go today? Without even thinking any further, I started walking towards the nearest Subway station. Literally, I was pissed real bad and thought may be I should go back. I swiped my MetroCard and took the first R train. When I got off from the train at 23rd Street in Manhattan, it was raining. Crossing Madison Square Park was a nightmare. Water from the Freezing rain and snow was all over. Finally I realized it was a wrong decision to go to school today but it was little too late. When I arrived at the School, it was worse than what I expected. In fact, it was worse than the day after Snow Storm Juno. Please check out my previous post for a Picture and compare it with the one added below by yourself. Baruch College on February 2, 2015Baruch College on February 2, 2015. I really did not understand, why the School wasn't closed today?! Do you guys have any Idea? Let me know your Ideas and thoughts on this. I was done with all of my classes by 5:30 pm and I straight headed for the Subway Station. Guess what, I had to wait well over 45 minutes before I could get into my R train. Well, it was expected! I mean kind of. The summary is, for me it was the worst day at School ever. How was yours?


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