Congratulations: Class of 2016

In this ever changing world, we learn every day in every-step of our lives and that's just one reason why I prefer to call myself a "lifelong student". But for those who are studying hard at the school for years, such notion of being a "student" forever is not a pleasant one for a very obvious reason. They all want to graduate and trust me I understand all of your points. But as you graduate and go out to discover the challenging world around you, you will get to know that you are yet to learn far lot more than whatever you have already. This is not to disappoint you but to make you confident enough to face the reality that is about to hit you hard.

Now, if you are graduating this year and getting ready to join your commencement exercise, please do not overwhelm yourself with all these philosophical thoughts. Grab a hot/cold drink, put your gown on and go to the commencement exercise. I think it's fun and a memorable event of your life except those long speeches from so many speakers at the exercise. So, enjoy the day the day with your friends and family members who were supporting, encouraging you all along. Do not forget to say "Thank You" to them for all of their contributions, it's important. Because most of you are fortunate enough to have them right by your side when you wanted them the most but there are individuals who had to walk alone and didn't get to show their accomplishment to their family members or the loved ones. Unfortunately, I am one of them.

Tassel for Class of 2016Tassel for Class of 2016.

Some of my friends are also graduating this year just like many of you. So a big Congratulations goes to all the graduating classes of 2016. I hope and pray that you will continue your journey to acquire knowledge, work hard, enjoy the life and most importantly to become even better person tomorrow than whatever you are today. Remember, our actions would define and shape this planet as we all know for our future generations. Let's make it a better one, together.


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