Considering ClassicPress

On my previous post, I expressed my sheer distaste for newly introduced Gutenberg editor on WordPress 5.0. Only few days back, WP has released 5.0.1. and they remained adamant to the fact that masses did not like the new editor. It's unfortunate that people behind WP simply moved ahead with their new release despite the fact that overwhelming number of people have expressed their concern on this issue over and over again. I was expecting Matt to recognize this issue on his blog and discuss the possible way out of this mess. Well, it seems he is well aware of the situation but he chose to stick with their plan. It's a sad and very un-democractic move by Automattic and I am really heart-broken at this point. Deeply frustrated by the whole issue to be honest with you all. I already mentioned on my previous post that I am seriously considering to move my site to something else. Luckily, I came across "ClassicPress" which is built on WordPress core except the Gutenberg. I performed a migration process last night on my computer and everything went pretty smoothly. I honestly think ClassPress is a real alternative to WP, especially for those who doesn't like the new editor. Now, all that being said, please understand that it is still in beta stage but it is highly dependable as it is built on WordPress 4.9.8. I won't recommend you to move/migrate to ClassicPress yet, especially if you are running WooCommerce and few other important plugins. If you are running a blog site or simple content based website, I think it's fairly safe to migrate. Regardless of what you do, please make sure you backup your database first. Better, if you can test it out on a live sub-domain before starting the migration process. Join the ClassicPress forum if you have any question of query regarding any issue. There is a healthy and responsive community available there to help you out. I am seriously considering to use ClassicPress on this site at some point down the line. Let's see.


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