Cortana App Shows Up at Windows Store

Microsoft recently launched it’s Cortana app for Windows Store which is being called as “Cortana – Beta“. For those who are not familiar with Cortana, it’s a virtual assistant for Windows based computer and mobile devices. It’s more like Apple’s Siri but with lot less glorious past.

Ever since Microsoft announced the availability of Cortana for Windows 10 based desktop and mobile devices, it remained an integral part of the ecosystem. We like it or not, its there on your computer and it will more likely be there for quite sometime. Now, the appearance of Cortana app on Windows Store may indicate the separation of Cortana and Windows. Some speculation goes as far as removing Cortana from the Windows altogether and keeping it as a separate app only. In other words people may only be able use it as an app and it may not come with Windows by default.

Cortana on Windows 10Cortana on Windows 10 Device. © Forbes.

Even though we do not have any specific word from Microsoft on this regard. Many tech related websites are predicting the possible separation of the app and the OS. Which I personally think is the right way to go about Cortana. There’s no point of forcing me something that I never used and would not use any time soon.

Cortana had been embedded within Windows 10, thus it is available on al Windows 10 based devices and currently do not provided any option to users to be able to remove it all together. However, you have options to disable the pre-installed app at certain extend. Separate app indicates that we may not see Cortana embedded with future Windows OS. This way, app development team can work independently regardless of Windows Updates making it more easier to maintain.

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