Data Security & Personal Responsibility

We all get robocalls and I am no exception here. But I recently started getting more robocalls and calls from India regarding issues that I have nothing to with. And who can forget about the famous calls from the Social Security office with thick Indian accent? Perhaps you are getting bombarded with spam mails every day. These are some of the symptoms of personal data being compromised on daily basis.

I am not a huge social media fan but I definitely been to almost all the major social media sites that anyone can think of. For well over last two decade, I am actively using the internet and I really don't know on how many websites I signed up with my credentials. This issue has finally started to backfire at me and I am getting more concerned over my privacy than ever before.

Securing Personal DataSecuring Personal Data.

Though in most cases revealing certain information about one's self is fairly harmless but there are certain information that should be protected. Personally identifying information like date of birth, social security number, medical records, residential address are some of the serious type of data that one must not take lightly and should do everything to protect them. However, I recently discovered that number of websites are revealing some of my information in online without my permission. I do not remember signing up on those sites for any reason but in this time an age, it is not impossible for anyone to collect them if someone spend enough time looking for certain individuals in online.

It is clearly understandable that generally people would not share such information to random sites. So, the only logical conclusion you can come to is that someone or some trustworthy site is willingly leaking those information by breaking people's trust. Though it's absolutely impossible to trace the source of these data leaks, one must be careful on what he or she she sharing and where they are sharing. Perhaps the biggest suspect on these issue can be easily pointed towards the social media sites but it is nearly impossible to validate such claim.

Much has been talked and discussed on this issue but far less has been done by the authority who can actually prevent such criminal activities. I think there are lot more that needs to be done. My honest understanding is, it's impossible to stop such data leak entirely and we the people need to become more cautious about it. These are some the points that I believe one must follow to minimize the damage as much as possible.

  • Think twice before signing up on any websites.
  • Separate email addresses (personal/professional) based on type of usage.
  • Regularly perform online search with your name, phone number and check the results.
  • Delete your profile or account on sites that's not important or you don't use anymore.
  • Provide wrong information on less important or non-essential sites.
  • Make necessary changes on social media sites from privacy section.
  • Get in touch with any sites who are displaying your personal data without your consent.
  • Frequently change and use difficult password for your emails.
  • Use separate password for website logins.

On a personal level, I got in touch with sites that were displaying my information and I was able to resolve this issue fairly quickly. End of the day though, it all comes down to you. It's you who have to take necessary steps to keep your data secure and take responsibility of safeguarding your valuable information. I would love to know what do you think on this issue. Feel free to drop a line or two with your thoughts or suggestions on this issue.


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