Death: The Ultimate Destiny

Though it is not the most anticipated post on a weekend when we all are trying to relax or enjoy the day with our family, yet I decided to write about it. I sincerely apologize in advance if my post ruins your weekend by any means. The intention of this post is not to disturb anyone in any way but to remind myself or ourselves with the ultimate fate that we all have to eventually endure.

The long history of human civilization has witnessed deaths on many occasions. Be it great famine, natural disasters or human made war. As an spectator it may ease our anxiety little bit around this idea for sometime but it definitely should not make us too comfortable. Not because it is unimaginably uncomfortable but because it has always been a hard and painful process of leaving this world that we tend to call home. So, why should we even think about it at all?

Like it or not, fact of the matter is it will come to all of us at some point. So, ignoring may not help us rather pondering about it will help us in many ways. At least that's the way I think. However, it should and must not mean one will spend most of his time that we are spending over here on earth. Life goes on regardless and we all should be enjoying it with fullest within a reasonable manner. The idea of "reasonable manner" is something that gets defined or shaped by the idea of "death" itself.

A Man and The SunsetA Man and The Sunset.

Ever since I became well aware of my demise, I spent a big chunk of my lifetime thinking about it. Sure, one may think I wasted lot of time but I think otherwise. I believe, my time that has been well spent on thinking about death has helped me in many ways. It made me to become more humble, more respectful towards people, more optimistic about life and more focused on overall assessment of life than calculating the short term gains like how much money I have in my bank account or what kind of house I own, things of that nature.

Since my Dad passed away in early January of this year, I probably thought about the idea of "Death" more than ever. I see his demise as a clear reminder of my turn. Though one can not pin-point his or her time of departure but it is indeed a great time to think about our own-selves. Our own time and experience of death.

Leaving the idea of "Judgement Day" or even "God" aside, simply questioning ourselves that how exactly we want to be remembered long after we are gone should be sufficient enough for us to justify the living of a righteous life. A life where we as a person loved others, helped others, spoke the truth, did not do back-biting is indeed a great way of living. If one must go regardless, what point does it make to do all the evil things in the world just to accumulate wealth that I can't take with me?! The house or the car I used to own, the bank account, the family I had, how exactly all these helps me when I am six feet under?

Regardless of your age, did you ever wonder how so many people passed away well before reaching your age number? How so many people actually passed away yesterday when you were enjoying your lunch? or even now as you are reading this post? It just could have been my turn! May we just got lucky that we got enough time to read this reminder. So many variables with so many uncertainties.

Life is a beautiful gift, we all should enjoy it as much as we can. But it's never too late to think about death with positive attitude. Because we just can't avoid the utmost certainty. If it can make me a better person why we are not even trying before it's too late. Think about it.


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