A Day of Infamy

As I am writing on my beloved “Classic Editor” of WordPress, the only thing that is keep popping up in my mind is the famous speech of President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1941. With a little twist, the first line should read like this:

Yesterday, December 6, 2018 a date which will live in infamy – the WordPress user community was suddenly and deliberately attacked by WP Devs.

Might sound a bit harsh but that’s exactly how I am feeling now a day after WordPress 5.0 was released. I am still in shock that the core Dev team basically pushed the whole Gutenberg thing on the WP user’s community. Sorry, I really don’t want to call that an Editor. That’s more of a “PageBuilder” sort of thing to me than anything else.

See the thing is, I write, in other words, I do blog and I love the way the “Classic Editor” works. I can still add links, images, codes, videos on my editor and everything works right out of the box. I really really don’t see why in the world we need to re-invent the “wheel”?! For the sake of argument even if I assume that it’s a revolutionary thing, keep it optional until the community asks or requests it to be integrated with the car! Why you are forcing me to have it regardless? Providing me an spare wheel doesn’t help me when the revolutionary wheel can’t get my job done.

I thought, it’s the people who made whatever WordPress is today. All those big number to show the world that how popular and useful it is came from people’s love and support for WordPress. Forget about those countless developers who made plugins and promoted WordPress to their clients over other CMS. I hope people behind WordPress core team realizes this and does thing based on user’s feedback. Prioritize what people and their demand over anything else. I am not sure what exactly the backlash of such move going to be but within a day we already saw the consequences.

Thousands of negative feedback for Gutenberg plugin and well over 175 thousands times of download for “Classic Editor” should send a clear message to the core team loud and clear.

It’s not that I did not try out the Gutenberg, yes I downloaded 5.0 but it took me less than 10 minutes to leave it with bad user experience. I had to download the classic editor and disabled the Gutenberg everywhere. I do build sites on WordPress for my clients and their feedback isn’t good either. Simple message is, on a personal level I did not like this changes at all and I will continue to be against this forceful move by WP.

See, its not that I never thought of about these sort of situation. I always had this gut feeling that there would be a time when I have to say Goodbye to WP, at least for the sake of my personal taste or other reason we all have to leave WP behind. May be, that’s exactly why I started writing my own CMS for blogging purpose. I already have a site powered by this CMS with additional features that also powers the “blog” section. Now I am more committed than ever to wrap up my CMS.

All that being said, at this point I will be keeping my eyes on the development of future WP releases. If the WP Core Dev team continues to push (more likely they will) the Gutenberg thingy, at some point I may have to move this site to my own CMS. I don’t want to be part of something that does not listen to people. Remember, all good things comes to an end and WP is no exception here, it’s just a matter of time. Question is, are we ready for it? Good luck.

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