Dell Wired Keyboard KB216

If you can remember, only few weeks back I wrote a post explaining why I still think Apple makes some of the best keyboard one can have for their daily needs. While I am yet to make up my mind about Apple keyboard, I stumbled upon Dell's KB216 Wired Keyboard. Did my little own research and figured this could be a great keyboard for the time being. So, I placed an order for this keyboard from Amazon for $17.45. I received my keyboard back in late February and I am using it for almost a month now. I think this is about the time to write a little review on this keyboard. So here we go. Dell Wired KB216 KeyboardDell Wired Keyboard KB216 This is a full layout chiclet style Dell wired (USB) black keyboard. Even though the official Dell website stated that it has option for an add-on plam rest, unfortunately when I placed the order, I couldn't find option to choose it. Upon receiving the keyboard I checked the keyboard and it seems like there is a place to attach the palm rest portion of this keyboard. Since I purchased my current Desktop computer back in 2012, I have used number of Dell keyboard and I can assure you this is the one of the best Dell keyboard I have ever used. The keys of this keyboard are fairly big. No, not the biggest but they are big enough. Perhaps the biggest feature is, it makes very little noise while typing. Very comfortable for people who types a lot on day to day basis. There are number of multimedia hot keys function(Volume, Mute, Play/Pause, Backward, Forward) available on this keyboard which you might find pretty handy. Yes, there are some additional function key which are marked with blue letters.
Device TypeWired Keyboard
FeaturesChiclet Style
Dimensions (WxDxH)17.4" x 5" x 1"
Weight17.74 oz
Sure, it was made out of plastic but it is very sturdy. If you hold the both side of the keyboard and try to twist it, you will feel that it's very strong and not that heavy. The two legs at the bottom of this key has some rubber and it doesn't swing much on regular use. The num and caps lock button turns on white light which is bit different from traditional light. I kind of like it too. Overall, it's a very good keyboard specially for people like me who spends a big chunk of my time typing all over. At a less than $20 price tag, you can't go wrong with this keyboard. Give it a shot, you won't regret. Update (September 23, 2018): Well over two year later, I am still using this keyboard without any major issues. The only complain I have at this point is, some of the keys (mostly used) became pretty shiny and a bit slippery. Even then, it's not a major issue for me though I would prefer non slippery keys. I checked the price of this keyboard from Amazon today. As of now, it's little over $10. You can't go wrong with this price tag. Disclosure: This Review is not Sponsored.


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