Democratic Party is in Big Mess

Only a few days after writing a post on my political views and position, Nevada Democratic State convention took place and you all already know what happened there from the party leadership. This is exactly what is wrong with the political system of our country at large. This is why people of our country don't feel like affiliating themselves with the political system. There is no wonder why the voter turnout rate in the U.S. is so low (PewResearch Center Data) over most of the developed nations.

I was browsing through some of the analysis and video report on this issue from YouTube and that's when I cam across the following video. Even though clearly, she's a Bernie Sanders supporters but one should listen to her messages very carefully to get the perspective of the large number of Democratic voters or should I say "Sanders Supporters"? I think what she said is very important and the Democratic party leaders really need to listen to her message. If DP really want to send one of them in the White House after President Obama, this is a must listen for every single democratic voters and their party leaders. Because, even if Hillary Clinton becomes the nominee from the DP, she won't be able to win without the support of Bernie Sander's supporters, this calculation is as simple as it gets. I am also taking the independent voters (me too) very seriously in my calculation because they not only occupy the majority of the voters (44% Ind, 31% Dem, 25% Rep, Gallup) but also gets to vote at the general election. Guess what, Bernie does very well among the independent voters.

Now, here is why Hillary gets a good shot among the independent voters if Bernie can't make it to the general election. Straight from Bernie and he's not lying a bit. I won't be surprised even if Bernie Sanders decides to run as an Independent at the general election, specially after the Nevada convention it has become quite clear that the party is heavily leaning towards a candidate and that's not Bernie. He already expressed his distaste for the DNC chair for very obvious reasons and it's understandable. This ideological divide among the Democrat supporters may cost the party to loose at the general election.


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