Early Morning Work

After working for eight long hours, there are times when I feel exhausted. Sometimes that eight hours tuns to ten or more hours. Not that I am bound to do that but I tend to finish my job and then leave. I am not one of those clock watcher. Yesterday was one such day. I finished my work and went outside to take a walk and grab my dinner. I came back and dinner as fast as I could.

I went to my bed a little to stretch my back and somehow I fell asleep. I woke up well past midnight and I was not feeling sleepy anymore. Thinking about what to do, I thought I should check some of the blog site listing entries and fix some of the issues. Eventually I lost my interest and then I had nothing else to do.

I thought I had the perfect time to write something on my blog. Ever since the COVID came around, things got quite messed up. Blogging became irregular and I was not quite happy about it. The world is still adopting to the new reality and things are becoming more normal once again I think. Even though I did not stop using mask when I go outside. I feel like, COVID is still around and it will be back at some point. I am just playing safe. I do not enjoy people staring at me as most people do not wear mask anymore. On a personal level, I think I will continue to use mask because of my health condition.

I have to go back to bed and try to get some sleep as I got work in the morning. So, good night and sleep tight. Have a wonderful morning ahead everyone.


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