Election Day of 2016

Its about mid-night(not exactly but its pretty close) and I was preparing to go to bed. Not sure what happened to me, I felt like writing something about the election before I call it a night. I looked at almost all the major sources in online and what I saw is not promising. As of now, it seems like Donald Trump is ahead of Hillary Clinton on this race. If this is the way how it ends up, we are looking at Trump as our next president which is very upsetting for all of us. First of I did not vote today. Yeah, you can call me whatever you want but quite honestly, I really wanted to vote. I was really looking forward to vote until the Democratic primary was over. As Bernie Sanders stepped out of the scene, the smoke started to clear up and the real face of pro establishment people at the Democratic party became even more clearer. We ended up having two most laughable/questionable candidate ever in the history of American Politics, running for American presidency! Now, coming from Bernie supporter group, it was hard for me to accept what Hillary Stands for, Ideologically and rationally. One of my colleague asked me if my stand on this has something to do with Hillary being a woman. I never took such acquisition seriously because I know in my heart that if the Democratic candidate was Elizabeth Warren instead of Hillary, I would have voted for her. But the Democratic party and the top leaders had different plan. Rather than supporting a fair primary election, they favored Hillary team over Bernie and we are the one who felt being cheated with by our very own people. It gave me a strong enough reason not to vote Hillary or Democratic candidate. Period. I remember right before the DNC, media was keep comparing/projecting the possible General election outcome between the Sanders vs Trump and Hillary vs Trump. Not so surprisingly, almost all the poll said Bernie would defeat Trump easily and Hillary would face serious competition. This is exactly what happened today. I am not surprised with the outcome. Because DNC forgot, they had been notified and warned in one sense but they overlooked all these indications. I am an independent voter and I explained it on one of my post why I am independent. Voting related irregularities, corruption, big money in politics finally made me to leave the idea of affiliating myself with any political party. I always said and I am still saying, "Country over party and Party over Person". But I never felt that Democratic Party ever felt the same way. At least their actions doesn't speak for such idea. And we are witnessing the consequences of our ignorance. One can easily tell, something is gravely wrong with the Democratic party. Now it's the Democratic party's and their supporter's job to take a break and figure that out once Trump takes the oath. Good Luck & God bless America.


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