Epic 4th July Fireworks Photography Fail

So yesterday was 4th July, Independence day of U.S.. Like every other year, I was out to shoot some fireworks photo. I also asked Michael a week earlier if he would also be interested to go out to see the Macy’s Fireworks Show? Michael agreed and we finally headed for Downtown Manhattan. Our destination was Pier 17 or at least we wanted to be around that vicinity. But we were late and couldn’t go any further from Water Street.

Back in 2010 and 2011, I also shot similar fireworks photo, so I pretty much knew I am not getting anything new here besides some new faces. Yet I insisted Michael to walk with me back and forth from Maiden Ln to Dover St. expecting to get to the FDR Drive and shoot some good photo. Bad luck for us, everything was closed and we were late.

Hopelessly we came back to Maiden Ln but by the time we came back there were too many people to setup my tripod even. When the fireworks started, we realized we are screwed and the view of fireworks is being blocked by the building. We ran towards next block and finally manage to see portion of the fireworks. Surely we were rushing, tripod wasn’t setup properly, once again the view was blocked by a tree top, well sort of. I managed to shoot 100 plus pictures but I had very little expectations. People were constantly stepping on, kicking the tripod, my hand was shaking, tripod wasn’t setup properly.

4th July 2015 FireworksThis is How Miserably I Failed!

When I got home, I checked the pictures. Most of em were blurry because surely I did put my camera on “Manual” mode but forgot to adjust my Focus. After number of shots when I realized what is going on, it was little too late. I also felt may be I should simply get a remote shutter control.

If I were to summarize my overall photo shooting experience in one sentence, it should be called as “total disaster”. Then again I think it was a great lesson for me and I learned it in a hard way. No regrets though. Learning is a lifelong process and we learn everyday from our mistakes. Never again.

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