Ethical Use of Social Media Sites

Ever since I left Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ are some of the social networking sites that became my breathing space. I spend fair share of my time (not like Facebook though) on these sites and try to stay connected with some of the people I really do care.

Those who are visiting my site on regular basis, may have noticed that I am writing something nearly everyday. The reason is, I get plenty of time now a days to write. This is definitely a positive sign for me. Along with contributing to the social media, I always wanted to contribute to my site and seems like finally I am being able to do just that.

Over the last couple of weeks, number of my friends on LinkedIn grew substantially. I found quite a few of my classmates who graduated with me. Up until this point, everything seems to be in order. Now, as I am spending more and more time in LinkedIn, there are number things that I have noticed. Some of these issues are really funny and at the same time they are really stupid.

On my personal opinion, LinkedIn is more of a professional social networking site than other social sites that we all know of. Perhaps that's the only sensible reason why I use LinkedIn. Frankly speaking, besides that one important reason, I don't see any point of using LinkedIn either. Now what's going on in LinkedIn is, number of people with their fake "qualifications / expertise" are growing everyday. At least that's the impression that I am getting. Some individuals who are claiming (at least through their profile) themselves to be an "Expert" on certain fields seems like are missing the basic understanding of their expertise. Sure, I don't expect everyone to know everything but I definitely don't expect an "Expert" not being able to figure out simple things of their own field of expertise. That's the last thing that anyone should expect from an "Expert".

Hiding Behind a MaskHiding Behind a Mask.

Case in point, I came across one individual (on LinkedIn) who claims herself to be an "WordPress Expert" yet seems like she is struggling to figure out the difference between "" and ""! Like seriously, are you kidding me? What kind of "WordPress Expert" are you? Sure, there are generous individuals (I really do admire and respect them) who were kind enough to answer her question. I am sorry but I really didn't feel like to answer her question even though I generally don't do that. Personally, I neither do like nor do respect such hypocrisy.

I understand that even the most knowledgeable person might not know things or two. But I wouldn't expect him or her not knowing that 2 and 2 makes 4. If one don't know the basics of his or her field of expertise then that person's expertise can definitely be questioned, at least that's what I think.

That is definitely not to say that everyone is faking him or herself but this and important issue. Surely, if someone can't be honest to him or herself, you should not expect them to be honest with people on virtual spaces. It always reminds me one of my favorite quote by Warren Buffett.

Honesty is a very expensive gift, Don't expect it from cheap people.
Very well said Mr. Buffett. It not only does make sense but shows the hardest reality. Specially when we are dealing with virtual spaces like social media sites. Not knowing something is absolutely alright but not knowing the basics while claiming to be an expert of something is not cool at all period.

To that woman, with all of your expertise and charms, you are not fooling anybody but yourself sweetheart!


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