Exploring Brooklyn Bridge & Pier 25

I left home this morning with an Intent to re-explore the Brooklyn Bridge. Been to this bridge couple of times in the past but this time around I thought of taking my GoPro with me. I planned to record my entire walk on the bridge and to share it on YouTube. Generally speaking, I used to get off at the City Hall subway station and from there I would simply walk towards Brooklyn as I go across the bridge. However, this time I thought of doing the opposite. I got off at the York Street station in Brooklyn and from there I started walking towards Manhattan.

I had extra time in my hand so I decided to head towards the Pier 25 at Hudson River. This area is very well known to me as I studied at the BMCC and worked around this area for number of years. So, I was happy to be back.

Altogether I was able to record around an hour long video. I came to realize GoPro is very good at recording day time videos when you have good lighting condition. This made me think deeply later on about the possible issues that may arise with winter videos. I am yet to decide on that.


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