Facebook & it's Virtual Graveyard

Birth and Death are among some of the natural occurrences that we do not have any control over. People are dying and being born every single second throughout the world. Keeping account of the dead and newly born individuals are almost impossible but here is a simple real-time clock to give you a perspective. You might be wondering, how in the world this clock is related with Facebook anyway? Here we go.

As far as the number of active Facebook users is concern, there are well over 1.65 billion monthly active users has been reported by the statista.com. There are 7.42 billion people on this planet, if 1.65 billion people are already on Facebook, it also means 22.24% of the world population are using Facebook. This number is a vital factor to calculate the percentage of dead people who had Facebook profile until their death.

Facebook Virtual GraveyardFacebook is Becoming a Virtual Graveyard.

Roughly, little over 150K people dies everyday. Based on that number over 33K (150Kx22.24/100) people with Facebook profile dies everyday (as of 2016). Now you can easily calculate how many Facebook people would die this year alone. Yes, staggering 12 million Facebook people will die in 2016 alone.

It would be quite hard to find out the accurate number of total dead individuals on Facebook. Facebook was launched back in 2004 and the numbers I used on my calculation was taken from various sources that used latest data. So basically I would be dead wrong if I want to find the accurate number of already dead Facebook users. However, I think it would be fairly easy to project the number of dead Facebook users for next few years using the same data (roughly).

Now, we all know that Facebook has helpful articles and system to notify them regarding the deceased individuals but the question remains how many of the actual deceased individuals timeline really gets notified? In other words, it is fairly safe to say that not every single profile of deceased individuals timeline will get notified for various reasons and that leaves us with a big number of graveyard people and their timelines.

Over the next few years that number would definitely grow by a huge number. How Facebook and regular users deals with this growing issue is something to leave it upto time and definitely a thing to watch out for Facebook users.


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