Fall Semester Begins with Hiccups

Over the last couple of weeks, I had been through a lot. Less than a week after finishing my summer classes, I registered for the fall classes. However, I couldn't finalize my registration as I had to wait for the grades for summer classes first. I took only three class (9 credits) and I still need six more credit to graduate. Unfortunately I couldn't even register for the most important one which is required by the Zicklin School of Business to graduate. Business Policy (BPL-5100) is the required business class that all Zicklin students must take at undergrad level. This class must be taken at the very end (last semester in most cases) as there are quite a few requirements that must be full-filled before anyone can register for this class. Student must file for graduation and also to complete at least 107 credit class prior registration. At this point, it seems like I need to wait until Winter'14 or Spring'15 to graduate. The class registration process didn't go quite smoothly. Like anyone else I used CUNYFirst system to register my classes but it wasn't working properly. In most cases it would throw me some error page while trying to finalize my classes. August 28th was the last day to pay my tuition. So, I went to school that day and waited on line for hours.At around 4:45pm someone from the Bursars office announced that they can't accept any more payment today as the "CUNYFirst" system is not working at all. I got to be honest, I was pissed. However, later on we also got to know that our college wouldn't fine anyone because of late payment. Wink wink. At Baruch, we used to have "e-SIMS" system before for registering our classes online and it seemed to be pretty stable. At least I didn't had any major issue with this system. I used it for the most of my semesters at Baruch. If I am not wrong, e-SIMS was an Institution based system which means any college could use this system internally. But CUNYFirst seems to be a unified system which works for all the Colleges within the CUNY system. Sounds great isn't it? But it failed, big time. The User Interface (UI) of this web based application is most probably the ugliest one that I have ever seen in my life. The navigation system of this app is a total mess. Being a Web Developer myself, I couldn't put it into any category or rate it based on anything. If I really need to rate this app, I can't give it more than 1 out of 10. Regardless of all the hiccups, I am finally happy with the fact that I am done with my registration and I got one more semesters left to graduate. Wish me luck. Finger crossed.


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