Few More Dead Bookmarked Links

I have an array of websites bookmarked on my web browser and I must admit, it's huge and it's almost impossible for me to visit all of them frequently. However, I do visit some of them whenever I get time. Finding interesting, important or informative sites and bookmarking them is kind of a hobby for me.

So, this morning when I was trying to visit two different website from my bookmarks, my browser failed to load them up. I did perform a little google search with those domain names and realized there was nothing wrong with my bookmarks, it's the domain names that has been expired. One of them was of Ms. Anoushka Shankar (anoushkashankar[dot]com), prominent Indian Sitar player and one of the daughter of late Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Another one is the website of Prof. Alex Filippenko (astroalex[dot]com), an American Astrophysicist and professor at the University of California, Berkely. Interestingly, Prof. Pfilippenko's web site is displaying a message that reads, "This Website Is Unavailable". It seems like, his domain name is just fine and has not been expired. However, the content of the site has been moved/removed.

No, matter whatever the case is, I just hope both of them restores their website and allows their fans to visit them. Websites of creative peoples should never go offline, seriously. Ok, I am joking.

Update (May 8, 2019): Anoushka Shankar’s website is back in online as of today.


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