Few Updates on Site Design

Its been well over two week since I started working on to modify the current design of this site. The changes are pretty simple but for some weird reason, it took me very long time to get it done. Well partially, at least the desktop version of the site. I am yet to make this design responsive for mobile devices.

Core Changes

Perhaps the biggest changes was to remove the "articles" section from the site all together. When I launched this site, I felt it was necessary to have "articles" section separated from my blog section. Back in early 2015, I wrote a post explaining the permalink structure of "Articles" section as well. A year later, I changed my mind and merged the "articles" and "blog" section together. Since articles (Custom Post Type) sections has been removed, there is no point of having custom taxonomy to create category for articles either. The default WP "category" is still there to organize all of my posts though.

Definitely, not having any Custom Post Type (CPT) allowed me to simplify my theme as I could easily get rid number of PHP pages from the theme. I also had to remove certain functions that wasn't necessary any more since CPT was out of the way. The "functions.php" page became much lighter and faster. The upgraded version of PHP7 should also play its role to boost the overall performance of the site.

Frankly speaking, moving CPT posts to default "posts" was pain in the neck as it requires making changes on my database. I didn't know of any specific plugin that could have helped me so I basically made a backup copy of my database and manually changed the "pot_type" column value for all the CPTs, that's well over 140+ posts. So far so good.

UI Changes

Even though I didn't re-write all the codes for this template, there are significant amount of work has been put to make it cleaner and lighter. Static home page has been replaced with latest posts page. Perhaps the most important change was full width post page. There are no sidebar on post page which I believe would give you a pleasing reading experience. However, the archive page (category & tags) contains the sidebar for search box and other widgets.

Over the upcoming weekends, I will be working on to make this site mobile compatible. Until then keep browsing around :).


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